Sunday, December 7, 2014

What content feels like

 Dear friend,
     I don't have all that much to say, and I promised myself that I would not bother you with meaningless words. But have you ever felt that you are at the in between? Not quite anywhere in particular. I have a lot of exciting things going on. I have even impressed myself. The doctors said I am going to be fine, and I know their right. School is great. But, something's not right. I very well could be borrowing trouble but in church they said that blessings can't come without some amount of conflict. I don't have any conflicts now, but it's not like I've never had any. I am content. I don't hear a lot of people say that. It's either "happy" or "sad". In between isn't a feeling, I guess. But friend, for now, it feels pretty good. Also, I am really loving the Heathers The Musical album. But I know, I know life can be beautiful. And I have become a bit more of an activist of social issues (in my head, at least). Life is good. I am content.

from Hannah, with love


Sunday, November 9, 2014

Chinese Restaurants and Babysitting

Dear friend,

 How are you? Remember last time when I said I was not going to be so selfish? Well, I did a totally unselfish thing this week: I babysat! I know, I know at my age I should be a pro, a babysitter extraordinaire! I mean I did read all of "The Babysitter's Club"  series... Now, this was a special occasion because I had a day off from school and instead of lounging around the house watching Netflix, I reheated food he refused to eat and begged a child to "please, just take a nap". I can't complain though: he was well-behaved.
The other night I went out to my favorite Chinese restaurant and the fortune my cookie bestowed was SPOT ON! It read: "The time is right to make new friends." Ain't that the truth!? I would never dream of replacing you, dearest friend of mine. But you and I both know our Friday nights are pretty lame. I am tired of our pity parties, as well. Gone are the days of overhearing our so-called "crew" having bonfires without us! I mean would it kill them to at least not talk about it in front of us? Good friends wouldn't do that... I have also been pondering vegetarianism, much to my families chagrin. I am just fed up with some stuff I have been eating and I thought "well why not just rid myself of meat?". Don't worry, I am doing this in baby steps this upcoming week. Wish me luck!

from Hannah,
with love