Thursday, October 9, 2014


It is story time chicos and chicas, gather round!

HOMECOMING IS UPON US! It is in the air, the internet and it might even interrupt your lunch for a minute or two with its "WILL YOU GO TO HOCO?" posters.
I have a friend, whom we'll call Ali for reasons, K? Well, Ali is attending homecoming. And one day she posed a question, she asked me if I thought [description on nice dress that sounds cute] seemed "slutty".

I'm going to pause for a second to say that this question was problematic and because of my opinion of the word no matter what she said I would have said it sounded "beautiful and you should go for it".

Ali seemed concerned by this "but what if people think its too revealing?" she was afraid of judgement from others. This concerned me, hadn't she read my previous blog post about this exact thing? Was she not enlightened by my wisdom? No. Mostly because this thing is something no one I know personally knows about, and also because I seldom express my opinions on such things.

That day, however, I expressed.

"Slutty? What does that even mean, Ali? The only opinion that matters is your own. If it makes you feel good then that's what matters. Not the opinions of people who do not matter! Wear the dress!"

So I implore all of you to wear the dress! Go to the dance! It is as cheesy and awkward as it seems on TV but it is also a wonderful memory! I went last year and I am still cringing and smiling about the whole thing!

What did we learn today girls and boys?
'Slutty' is a word we ought not use and go to the dance even if no one asks you?

from Hannah,
with love


P.S. I have a very cool post coming up early next week so get excited!!!

Monday, September 29, 2014


So you may (or may not) have been wondering what I have been up to for the past week or so. To be brief I have been thinking up my own theories about high school parties...  Of course this has taken countless (4, tops) hours of grueling and slightly awkward research. I am now ready to report my findings:

Teenagers are confused/confusing.

That's it! Right there! The answer to questions that have kept countless philosophers up at night.

My "research", however was simply me attending two very different sweet sixteen birthday parties. I was perplexed by how strange my friends and I are when we are put into a situation where we can either shine or disappear in the crowd. 

Not picking up what I am putting down? I'll break it down for you...

The girl has entered the room. She notices the decor and quickly feel under dressed. However, looking to her left she realizes they all look the same. This causes her to fall into an even deeper pit of worry. Are there boys here? Besides the ones who barely see me as a girl? There are indeed boys there, the girl HANNAH does not know this yet.
*ELLIE: I like your dress Hannah.
HANNAH: Thanks! I like yours too..
This exchange is shrouded in lies. ELLIE does quite like her dress, but feels insecure about her own. HANNAH believes she does not actually like it and is only being polite, this makes her feel insecure.
The scene changes to a table setting. There are 7 tables set up in the area and HANNAH is sitting at one with other people. It has turned to dusk at the affair and all parties involved are beginning to become restless. The waitress keeps coming around with the same things! No one wants to be the first to get up to get what they really want, and heaven forbid lose a seat! People are sitting down and thus, picking territory. HANNAH is overcome with concern. Oh no!, she thinks, am I not good enough to sit with? This game of musical chairs ensues in the upcoming hours, but is never truly resolved.


HANNAH has been communicating furiously with outside parties. They are ready at a moments notice to retrieve her but she keeps telling them she is fine. She has begun to have fun! There is dancing. But, there is a dilemma. 3 BOYS have appeared. They make this process of enjoyment much more complicated. They are watching and choosing.  She has begun to dance at the fringe of the circle. 
Much is going on inside the circle that HANNAH is not comfortable with. BOYS look on. And...
*SANDRA: Come on Hannah! Let's dance!
She begins to do so at the first sign of a line dance. Most everyone joins in. Young and old alike! Everyone is joyous, the guest of honor is pleased.
Much more dancing occurs and some do not like it. HANNAH is having a good time but cannot seem to get the thought of the being watched by the 3 BOYS out of her head. This makes her feel energized. She is conscious of her every move, in the hopes that she will attract a BOY. There is one in particular that has seems to be every girls object of affection. 
More music plays and just the right song comes on! EVERYONE runs to the dance floor. The DJ feels proud, as do the BOYS. They finally find the courage to break into this intricate circle. The girls begin to chant encouragements. A LUCKY GIRL gets the chance to dance with a BOY. They are quite close... HANNAH suddenly becomes aware of the grown-ups in the room. The BOYS begin to search for other girls to dance with. Some peoples advances are rejected on either side. HANNAH does not seem bothered by the lack of interest in her. She dances anyway. The BOYS become picky and reject all advances. The party is dying out and many people begin speaking about church the next day. HANNAH is finally ready to depart.

HANNAH leaves the affair feeling excited, hungry and confused/confusing.

Did that make any sense to you? Because it made ZERO sense to me!
Comment and tell me what you thought.

from Hannah,
with love


P.S.- *means there name has been changed, for obvious reasons