Sunday, August 11, 2013


So as of this beginning school year, I will be wearing clothes of my choosing... Which is an odd sentence to write because most of my life it cost me at least $3 and and a reason to justify paying it to do so. But I must admit it's nice not having to think about your clothes in the morning. Because khakis are khakis and collared shirts are collared shirts. The most "self expression" we got were shoes and hoodies (mostly from A&F, ugh) that we could barely wear anyway. Having uniform is like having a personal stylist who tells you those Sperry's look good EVERYDAY and are ALWAYS in style.

So now I get to wear whatever I want (within reason). I am a bit nervous because I've been waiting for this moment and I am not at all ready. It's like that book you like that finally made a movie and you don't want to see it because if it doesn't live up to your anticapated dreams its going to crush your soul. Yup.

I feel like if I don't EXPRESS MYSELF, I'll be letting 5-year old Hannah down. The one who said she was a "fashionsita". But what if I succumb to peer pressure and I get sucked into the perfume- heavy world of Hollister?!

 I am very lucky to have a mom who allows me to express myself. She lets me be me. And she tells me to never apologize for it. 

The good thing is I don't care about what my peers think about me when it comes to fashion. If I want to wear knee high socks with saddle shoes and a vintage skirt then I will, darnit (Keepin' it PG).

And if I want to wear all black and mope around the halls like a zombie then I will.

But if I just want to wear sweatpants and have my hair tied and quote Drake, that's okay too.

Because it's my clothes, and my style and my expression and most of all my choice.


P.S.- I get my great "sense of style" from my mom. She was head cheerleader and voted Most Fashionable in High School. And she also has a degree in fashion. That's quite a bit to live up to. Oh boy, now I'm just bragging about my mom.


  1. I think your blog is very quite kewl but there's no follower's widget thing, but I really would like to follow you~


    1. Thank you for telling me! I was wondering about that. I'm working on it!!
      P.S. I think your blog is keel too!

  2. Love this little manifesto! "Dress to express, not to impress!" Your blog is great


  3. Hey hannah! I like your blog. Most of the times when it's just text I get bored, but your writting is interresting and funny! I'm going to follow you once I can :)